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Nikon MB-D11 & MeiKe Clone Comparison

A side-by-side comparison of the basic features of the MB-D11 vertical battery grip from Nikon for its D7000 camera and an almost identical product from MeiKe which sells for about 15% of the Nikon original.

Nikon MB-D11 hands on Nikon D7000

I got my hands on this MB-D11 at Allen's Camera the other day. This grip goes onto your Nikon D7000 giving you the ability to have a second batter as well as shoot vertically. \r
I would never shoot a camera without a grip but keep in mind this one is $250 and you have to decide if its worth it.\r

Fake Nikon Gear, D7000 MB-D11 Battery Grip

Head over to http://www.fstoppers.com/fakembd11 for high res images from every angle.




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